smallapronGreat Restaurant, Food, and Drink Links

For Restaurant Workers:

Bitter Waitress is right up our alley. 

Restaurant Singles - Need a date?

Food Service Liberation Front  is worth a read.

Can I Take Your Order? Not! is Tina's spot.  Visit and vent!

Flame Broiled The Disgruntled Ex Burger King Employees Page has some interesting links. We liked the Dishwasher's Handbook. Some pretty useful information within.

Waiting: Waiters' Tales of Crazed Customers, Murderous Chefs, and Tableside Disasters (1995) is a great little book by Bruce Griffin Henderson.  It is available from Plume/Penguin Books USA.

In the Weeds is a film documentary about the industry produced by Temple University Master of Fine Arts candidates, Cheryl Hess and Melissa Thompson. I don’t know where to find it but if anyone out there has ever heard of it, please let me know where I can get a copy! I do know that it has been screened in the Philadelphia area.

For Restaurant, Food, and Liquor Aficionados:

Drinking Liberally is for the progressive-minded and we just happen to run one of the Pennsylvania chapters so come on out and visit with us in person sometime!

Drink Mixer is a nice slick site where you can find the libation of your dreams.

Timo & Glenn's Shrine to Spirits has a vast variety of liquor information and tasting reports.  Timo is also a frequent and very helpful contributor to the newsgroup alt.alcohol.

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