I recently had a customer ask me for a chicken fajita, but when he said it, he pronounced it "chicken ffffaa-gina" (think of that character from Austin Powers......Allotta Fagina!) He was totally serious, too. I don't think he realized what it sounded like when it came out of his mouth, but I nearly died.

I have heard "Fa-gee-ta" and "Fa-gitta" a million times, but this was a new one!

—Anonymous, Niagara Falls, Ontario

I work in Eastern Tennessee, and of course one thing that really bothers me is REDNECKS. People are constantly mispronouncing the name of my's a word most toddlers can say. Guests order tilapia as "teal-uh-PEE-uh" ...the 10 ounce "ser-line"...and the godforsaken "buttermilk Rainch" on EVERYTHING.

As far as I know, there's no such thing as a "Chicken Pock Pie."

—Savannah, Johnson City, TN

Our customers constantly ask for the "Turkey Punani" instead of "panini", and I can never help but laugh at them.

—Anonymous, New York City