smallapron  Moron of the Month

I've read a lot on this website and decided - you people (the servers who write on here) truly are pathetic. Either you bitch about not getting a good enough tip (without taking any responsibility for being a crappy waiter) or you complain about the restaurants where you work and explain in detail how you got even when you quit (although I seriously doubt any of you have the guts to do what you claim - you're so cowardly, all you people can do is pee in people's food when they're not watching: yeah, that's really brave).

Aside from the obvious - go back to school and learn a real talent that can pay the bills instead of being an inept waiter - I think the world really would be better off if you all just jumped off the highest bridge. Then, a real waiter would replace you, give me excellent service and I'd give him a nice tip (usually 25-30% as long as you're not an asshole to me during dinner).

Take responsibility. If you don't want to get another job, then act appropriately in this one.

—Sick of Your Crap, Atlanta, GA