I've got a solution to your problems as a server in the food industry. Get a college education. Or perhaps acquire a skill that is not so menial that anyone with a grade school education can enter the field.

—Anonymous Moron

I just want to say that those of you who have time to send in these idiotic complaints need to get a life!!

—Anonymous Moron

Having read the articles, questions, and columns, I am convinced that the contributors (servers?) need help! What anger and frustration. If any one of these 'people' were my server I'd tell them to kindly get another server who is polite and professional. Frankly, these contributors sound as if they are half in the bag. Are they spending too much time at the bar and not at the customers tables? They sound like a bunch of loser drunks.

Have a Good Day!
[email protected]

First of all, let me start by saying that I do tip (15% to 20%) and I used to be a waiter/cook in a fine restaurant when I went to college.

My question is WHY???? Why should I or anyone be expected to tip because your employer is too much of a "skin-flint" to pay all of you reasonable salaries? Why should anybody expect 15% to 20%? The trouble with this country is we have Become a bunch of wussies! For years, I've heard food service personnel bitch about not ever getting enough in tips. How much is enough?????? We give you 15%, you want 20%! We give you 20%, you want 20-30%. The whining never stops!!!!

I took a cruise recently. It seemed that my largest expense throughout the entire cruise was tipping all the service personnel. I barely had enough chsh to do some Usnopping in St. Thomas. I travel alot with my job and I certainly do my share of tipping. But I think it's BULLSHIT when people start telling everyone what is an appropriate tip. My answer quite simple - Take what get and stop complaining!!! If you require more money - go back to school and get a degree so you begin to make a good salary. That's what I did and never expected more ort.of my customeasz I just took what I got, whether it was 1% or 15%. Nobody tips me in my present job!

In short - quit your whining!!!!!


It sounds like servers are a rather nasty bunch of people -- and resoundly greedy. Do you think spitting in people's food because you wanted money from them and they gave you less than you wanted is actually okay, and the person who does it is still, like, a really nice person? Nasty behavior is okay because of the particular job you do? I'm a flight attendant. You folks never tip us and we don't spit in your food, or anyone's. It's really not okay to act like that. Have you ever been a pain on a flight? Like had too much to drink? Did you expect the F/A to "spit in your food" as a proper response? Yes, you're food servers, and yes you're still responsible to be decent people even if you want more money than you get from the restaurant's clients.

—Anonymous Moron in the Skies

We've pointed out a few misspellings and grammatical problems only because he points out that our readers can't spell or use good grammar. Enjoy...

First:  I have never stiffed or been rude to a server and I can certainly empathize with anyone who has had to deal with the consuming public as many people show their worst sides when they are in the position of being served in any capacity - be it at the department or grocery store, the auto shop, or the restaurant.  In spit of this simple fact, I still feel compelled to let you know that Your Site Sucks!  My god (God should be capitalized)...I have never seen so many errors in grammer and spelling on a site; does the webmaster proof any thing he writes?  Next:  Daaaa! (what the hell is "Daaaa!"?)  people in most any profession have to deal with assholes!  While rude, arrogant, & ("and" should be spelled out and there's no need for the comma after arrogant) cheap people are terrible to deal with, this does not legitimize spitting in their food or tainting their food or drinks in order to make them sick - as what seemed (should be present tense) to be a recurring theme in most all of the comments from servers that I read on (should be "in" not "on") your disturbing messages!  You are all a bunch of whinning pussies!  I also read the statement "get a life" in several of these as well.  Why don't you guys get a life and stop commiting what I feel to be both morally and legally reprehensible (that should be "legally actionable" not "legally reprehensible") acts (spitting or shooting breast milk into food & (there's that ampersand thing again) drinks, poisioning drink glasses with soap, and god (must be an atheist) knows what else) simply because some asshole pissed one of you off.  Finally, why would someone in their right mind expend such time and effort into something as pathetic as this site. (should be a question mark)  What a bunch of inadequate, (unnecessary comma) and vindictive whinney-assed cowards you are portraying yourselves as being.  I can only hope that the people portrayed here are the exception and not the rule in the food service industry. 

—D.T., South Florida

Hello pathetic miscreants. I am sincerely flattered that you selected me to be your first "moron" of the month or whatever it is that you wish to call me. In spite of the type -o's that you lamely attempted to capitalize upon, the theme of my previous Email message remains clear. Your site and the alleged "webmaster" as well are twisted misguided freaks. Knock yourselve's out picking apart the grammer (come on D.T., we told you how to spell this last month) and syntax of my messages, but at least similar mistakes cannot be found on the formal pages of my site as they are so glareingly are on yours. My Email messages are nothing more than informal communications and as such I do not and will not waste my time obcessively checking them for errors. The simple fact  posted on your site are at best disturbing. I still stand behind my observation that your freakish site is riddled with errors in mechanics and syntax and the content is worthless. Oh yeah, I won't be offended if you select me to be your "moron" of the month once again.


I saw your site and I think you people are disgusting! I was out at dinner and told some friends about this site. We were all disgusted with the way you servers think that you should be treated better. If you don't want to wait on tables why don't you get better jobs. We decided to take it out on the pretty little waitress that was serving us. We kept changing our order and when the food came my buddy spit his out and said "You expect me to eat this crap!" He made her bring the food back and when she returned with it he offered her money if she'd show us her breasts. We all laughed when she started crying. No one would serve us after that and when the manager came over we made him apologize and buy us more drinks. Then we underpaid the bill. I think that girl quit. It was awesome.

—Richard from Las Vegas (uh, sure Richard, we believe your story) 

If you don't like what you are doing then perhaps you should have paid attention at school. Perhaps you need a career change; alas, I suspect that for most of your contributors, that is not an option. If you hate the world so much why don't you cleanse the gene pool a little and take yourselves out? Whine, whine, whine -- like nobody else on the planet has a difficult job, an unreasonable boss, difficult or rude clients. Please! What separates everyone else from you is professionalism. Next time you get a big tip (and I imagine that most of you don't see those often -- for good reason) go out and buy a dictionary and look up "professionalism." Do a little research and consider it your first baby step towards learning lessons you *should* have learned quite a while ago. (And yes, I worked in a restaurant as a dishwasher, waiter, busser, and cook for over six years -- spare me the hard luck stories -- I made something out of my life.)

—Pete Seria, Washington D.C.

One Saturday night, my girlfriend and I went to a local seafood restaurant here in Albuquerque, NM. We finally got seated at 9:00,even though we had reservations at 8:15.Things were just not going our way. First, the waitress waited half an hour just to take our drink order. Then she brought over the wrong drinks. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but the place didn't appear to be particularly busy. She kind of muttered under her breath and brought the right drinks over after ANOTHER 30 minutes!! When she came over to take our order, her exact words were "What do you want? "We almost left right then, but decided to stick it out. Well, the rest of the dinner went ok, the food was good, but I was still kind of pissed. When the bill finally came, I noticed it was for exactly 68.00. I was going to pay with a credit card, but decided to look in my wallet to see if I could pay cash instead. I had a fifty and a twenty dollar bill. I thought about it for a second, and decided that 2 bucks was a sufficient tip for the service. I thought a little more and decided that she deserved something extra. So I kind of bent down in the booth and hawked up a gigantic, disgusting, post-seafood lugie and deposited it on the fifty dollar bill, which I placed on the bottom of the 2 bills. I only wish I could have seen her reaction when she touched the slimy fifty on the bottom. I thought a two dollar tip was generous. Next time someone at a restaurant pisses me off, I'm considering going to the bathroom, pulling down my pants, and hanging a tremendous corn-coiler into my linen napkin which I will then then smear all over the bathroom stall wall.


—M, Albuquerque 

It is amusing when uneducated losers like yourself call the customers "morons". If we are the morons, how come we don't work a shitty job like you being a server. Do you know what server means? It means that your pitiful existence is based on SERVING the general population. If you hate your jobs so much, go get a GED and look for something else to do. I always tip 15-20% when I receive good service but I will leave less than 5% for crappy service. I resent that you idiots try to tell us how much we should pay you no matter what quality of service we receive. Maybe you guys need a nice long vacation to de-stress. I forgot you losers don't get paid vacation time and couldn't afford one anyway. Maybe you can sleep in a different room at your parents house and pretend you are on vacation. Have a nice life serving other people. 

—Anonymous, Southern California

I saw this website about restaurant servers who do horrible things to their customers. Brazenly, not caring that their actions are a threat to public safety, bad for business, or ILLEGAL, the stories kept coming about how anyone who pisses off the staff in a restaurant can expect to have their food tampered with.

One day, I decided to test the theory by going into a restaurant and deliberately pissing off the staff. I was rude to this one waiter, who took my complaint with aplomb. I made sure to be extra-mean because I wanted to trigger the revenge response. 

When my food arrived, I retrieved my own container from my backpack, dumped the meal into it, paid for it, and walked out.

"Where are you going with that?" the waiter asked me as I began to leave. 

"To a lab, to have the meal analyzed for dirt or human excrement. I hear that pissed-off servers sometimes do horrible things to my food. There's even a website which brags about it. I'm sure you didn't do anything to my food but there's only one way to test it. Aren't you glad you'll soon be able to say you came up clean?"

The waiter looked nervously, and attempted to tell me that the restaurant had a policy against taking food out of the place.

"Take it up with them," I said, pointing to the two police officers I had asked to stop by just in case something went wrong. The waiter backed off, and I left, heading straight for the research lab where I work.

Tests of the food revealed traces of saliva and semen. I reported my findings to the city, who inspected the restaurant, and were able to match the semen and saliva samples with the server, who is now SERVING a multi-year prison sentence.

The morals:
1. The customer is always right;
2. Don't fuck with the customer;
3. If you do fuck with the customer, don't brag about it on a website.

—Ticked Off Customer


Although I do agree that all too often servers are treated horribly and like non-entities by some ignorant people, you must remember that like any other job, you are hired to perform a service and part of that service is not to spit, urinate, or insert any other bodily fluids in people's food or drinks. I have briefly worked in a restaurant and can sympathize but just because someone is a total jerk is no reason to put their health at risk and it is absolutely disgusting!! People who work in retail have a lot of shit to put up with as do people at the driver's license dept. etc, etc... but it is understood that it is a small part of their job, just as it should be understood that as servers you will get ignorant people whom you have to serve. That is an unfortunate part of almost everyone's life!! Deal with it!!

—Reason, Ottawa, Canada


I read your sad little page some months ago and printed out some of the pages. Now I ensure I have a copy to each out of town restaurant I visit whilst on business: if I get indifferent service I leave a penny and your pearls of wisdom behind. I'm even thinking of not ever leaving tips again because your efforts have me convinced that self-important losers such as yourselves don't deserve anything over and above what you are paid: if you don't like the job you get another - I mean, it's easy, right!?

Imagine if I held my hand out every time I DID MY JOB. What would people think? Yeah, in your hearts you know what they would think. You are lower than pathetic. Perhaps you should live in a communist state where they expect something for nothing. Or a third world country where they understand the importance of good service.

—Benny, Brighton, England


Personally, I think your site is crap. You whine and moan about how underpaid and under tipped you are. You make it seem as though you deserve a 15% tip for doing your job. Who else gets tipped for doing their job? When I a cop jumps in front of a bullet for you does he ask for a tip? When he arrests the man who attacked your daughter with a switchblade does he ask for gratuity? NO!!! He does it because it is his job. He doesn't say "Gee, I don't feel like arresting that crack dealer today." He does what he was hired to do. If you don't like waiting tables then get a college education or get another job!

—Charles, New York City


I have waited tables, and sympathize with some of your concerns, i.e.: unsupervised children, the lack of a living wage, etc.

However, I was appalled at the vicious bigotry, name calling, and arrogance of many of your posts. In general, the fact that the customer was fat, buxom, old, or whatever had nothing to do with the point of the story, other than to make yourselves look like the narrow-minded mean-spirited brats you are.

To everyone who does something illegal or unsanitary in "revenge": may the sure, swift sword of karma visit it's wrath upon you.

Finally, give the "ignorant" a break. I am sure you have all, more than once, misspoke, "dyslexia'd", or just plain didn't know the proper pronunciation of a word or meaning of a phrase. Tell you what, next time I mispronounce an item on your menu and you decide that I am worthy of contempt and ridicule, I want you to come over and give me a 10-minute dissertation of the TCP/IP network protocol, ok? You are vastly more familiar with your product and vise-versa.

Cut the crap, stop acting as if it’s such a problem when your CLIENTS ask you to do your JOB. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have a job.

[email protected]

—Anonymous, USA

I found your site to be quite amusing and funny. However, I was curious if any of the servers who do things to food they serve such as hocking loogies, ejaculating, spitting and so on even cared about the possbility of causing someone to become severely ill or even die.

Imagine if you will a woman who is pregnant and her young child coming into your resataurant to eat. Something is done to her food, her young child becomes very ill as does she and she has a miscarriage. Are there any guilt feelings about stuff like this or is it simply a "just desserts" attitude?

—Kristy, Chico, CA

Okay, so I have some revenge for you servers. Being a past server myself, I know a bit of the ways. Why don't you servers get your act together and serve up the condiments right after the order is taken? Instead, most of you wait until after you serve the hamburger to go find the catsup......

—Ronsgirl, Aspen

A courteous diner is not a subservient diner. You seem to confuse the two. "Please" is not necessary before every request. You are not doing the customer a favor but simply performing your job for which you are compensated. I am never rude but I would not pepper my conversation with "please," and "may I."

—Mudianse, St. Louis


this site has made me learn a very important lesson: waiters as a group are very vicious people. after coming to this site, i feel as if i need a good shower. let's hope that the industries that provide waiters services they need -- teachers, doctors, DMV personnel -- are not as vindictive as waiters are.

—Tony, Las Vegas

Hey, I'll go above and beyond 15-20%, but you better do your job first! I don't want to feel like I am imposing on some poor idiot waiting on me if I need a side of mayo . . . just do the damn job and live for cig breaks. You know, the job wouldn't be so hard if you didn't have 2 little bastard kids running around at home and a penchant for second rate men . . . screw waitresses . . .

— VPTOM, St. Louis

...and from one of our previous Moron's of the Month, we get this sage advice:
(these were posted to specific readers but we'll lump them together so all can see)

funny thing,I didnt go to college,make three times what you do,and im not a selfcentered cunt like you,and i can spell too,And you actually graduated from college?gee,seems my piddly job payed off for the future more than your selfcentered egotistical college dollars,huh?your waiting on me,not vice versa.DEAL WITH IT CUNT,and next time dont waste your measly $25 per hour on a fruitless the least,dont waste it on something you can't learn,as it seems you did,why else would a college grad be a waitress?im sorry,if she's just a stupid cunt would be a legitimate excuse too

you self centered cunt,you didnt deserve a tip,you moronic slut!!You took a job serving the public,so deal with it!if you had any brains,you wouldnt have taken the job,then again,if you had any brains,you wouldnt need a job like that!!So quit your fuckin whinin,if thats the best job you can get,then deal with it.Not our fault your an idiot!!

— betterthanawaiter, Dallas ([email protected])

(, you really didn't have to tell us that you didn't go to college betterthan. It's quite obvious from your lack of command of the English language...) - Webmaster

I work in a diner. A couple of Saturdays ago me and the other waitress were swamped. (There are only two waitress' at most. Sometimes only one) This drunk guy comes in and starts saying some crass shit to the other girl. She tells him that he has to leave. He throws his cup of coffee on her. He goes for a cup of water and she beats him to it and throws it on him. By this time she is screaming at him and she is telling him to get out. I am trying to take an order but we are always watching each others back, so I notice the scene is escalating. Then he hits her right in the face. He knocked her right on to the floor. A guy hitting a girl. Not only did every male customer in the restaurant jump this guy, we called the cops and pressed charges. He kept trying to leave and we had so many of our regulars in there that night that this guy is lucky he made it out alive. When he came in the next day to apologize he was all busted up. He deserves what he gets. We go to court soon. Talk about a real MORON.

— Teresa, Richmond VA

One of my biggest peeves is when obnoxious, incompetent and rude waiters expect a tip from you just for being in your presence to take an order. How much intellect and effort does it take to write things down, bring the order to the kitchen, and bring the food back with a smile? The tip is an expression of gratitude for quality of service. It isn't a "given" that you should receive one. And it especially shouldn't be expected if the waiter isn't cheerful and friendly.

You all are a bunch of sick bastards ... soiling people's food and spreading whatever kinds of diseases you have in your bodies. Yes. You all are a bunch of sick pathetic bastards to do that over a few bucks worth in tips. A few bucks in tips! You poor retards will get what's coming to you. When you go to McDonald's (I say McDonald's because that's the only place that poor retards can afford to eat), an equally retarded 14-year-old kid will piss in the ice that's cooling your super-sized coke ... or spit in your burgers ... or wipe their butt cracks with your burger's lettuce. Whatever goes around, comes around you sick fucks.

— Robert, New York City
[email protected]

With all the whining on this site about the lack of tips, I feel I must ask a question here.. If the money from tips is so darn important to making a decent living, then why don't restaurants simply raise their prices and pay the employees more money, rather than bothering with tips at all?

If it's not included as part of the bill, then what's the problem? Why are some people so upset about not getting tips?

I think if you're going to throw a fit about not getting a tip, then we need some equal opportunity here! Next time you get a parking fine or speeding ticket, be sure to include at least a 15% tip for the officer who is doing such an excellent job maintaining the laws of the land. And grocery cashiers need a tip, too! Don't forget to add a little something for the postmaster next time you're buying stamps, or getting something boxed and shipped by UPS.

Those 1-hour photo people need a tip for getting your photos of grandma properly developed, and the pharmacist deserves one for not accidently giving you arsenic instead. Let's not forget bank tellers, McDonald's cashiers, the county notary, and Uncle Sam -- be sure to include a 15% tip on your tax bill to compliment the government on actually not killing us all several times over with its nukes and Mutual Assured Destruction program.

In short, this whining about lack of tipping in bars and restaraunts seems rather stupid to me, a frequent non-tipper. Many other customer-service-oriented businesses don't get tips and don't make a fuss about it at all. Stop whining and ask your manager for a raise instead.

Now, if your employer is too cheap to give you decent pay.... perhaps you have just discovered the REAL problem. It's not the customer's fault for not always giving you that gratuity with their check -- it's your employer's fault for making tipping even NECESSARY for a livable income.

— Mister Boffo, Eau Claire, WI
[email protected]

(Try to ignore the misspellings if you can, readers. I just didn't have the time to correct them all.
- Your loving Webmaster.)

Hi! My name is Debbie and I live in Queensland Australia. I have just read a articlie in the Townsville Bulletin about revenge on winching customers.I have been in the Hospitality Industry for 25 years and have never been more disgusted as to what I am hearing.There are other was to get back at snotty and abusive customers.If any of my saff ever did what you are saying you are doing you would be out the door before you could say sorry.

The best way to get back at hard to handle customers is to be really nice and smile while you are treating them to over the hill services, they hate it when you are being so nice and showing them up for their rude manner in front of their friends.I am one of the worst people to go out to dinner with I pick everything that I can see wrong.If the meal or anything that I order is not up to my standard I will send it back until it is or will not pay for it.I don't understand where you are all coming from I pride myself in good manners, great services.I pick everything form table settings, table service and the food.People have the right to get what they are paying for and I am PROUD to say that I am one of these people when I go out.From what i am reading non of you have pride in your job if this is how you treat  the people who pay your wages it is time for a career change.There are worst jobs out there.
I am not saying I haver never had a abusive customer or a winchinging one but there are always ways to get back at them without degrading yourself.I remember when I was living in Brisbane and working on the Kookaburra Queens Paddle Steamer and put a stop to a customer becauce he was to drunk, he treaten to jump the bar and punch me I told him there was no need to jump the bar I would walk around the front for him and he had better make the best of it as I am able to handle myself pretty well, my dad taught my three sisters and I how to box as he was a golden glove boxer.When you are patronising a customer DO IT WITH A SMILE IT ALWAYS PUTS THEM IN THEIR PLACE.Try it you never know it just may work.

I can never complain about tips I was able to live of my tips.If you want good tips you have to work the customer play the game if you can not do this then get out of it as I for one do not want a bad name because of people like you. No one gives tips for poor service or poor food I know I don't and I let the manager or supervisor know it.


— Debbie, Queensland, Australia

And a quick bonus story for you...

This site is so ridiculous. Quit your bitching and get a real job! You call us (the non-servers who post "hate mail") morons but it takes a real moron to be a waiter/waitress for a living. You get paid $3.00 an hour because that's all you deserve!!!

— Anonymous, New York City

I don't take anything here real personally or anything, and am not all worked up about it, but why do servers/bartenders think that anyone should put up with their attitudes? Their jobs are very near the bottom of the unskilled labor heap, why the fuck does some snotty assrag with an attitude think anyone should care about his or her little pet peeves?

At any other customer service job you are expected to be prompt, courteous and generally friendly with the customers. Or you will be fired. And what the hell could justify threatening your customers to make money? What a low-life street scum beggar thing to do. "Hey man, if you don't gib me sum money I'za gon' spit on yo shit mannn"

As someone working in or representing the industry is that what you want it to be viewed as? A bunch of unskilled street urchins who will hold your food ransom until you pony up some pocket change?

Seems dangerous anyway to be so threatening. What happens when some guy who gets poured a shitty drink, or the dumb twat who's sole responsibility is to relay what comes out of your mouth to the kitchen somehow manages to fuck that up. What if someday it became generally accepted that when you get bad service you're basically entitled to go smash the bitches windshield out?

You have to wonder why these people keep these jobs. Why don't they unionize and end the whole tipping thing altogether? Why not demand a fair wage and be done with it?

I suspect it's probably because generally servers know they make more than they're worth and know that for the most part people are good and give them good tips. So shut the fuck up about it already.

—MJ, Denver

I saw your site briefly featured on CNN earlier this morning and decided to check it out to see what it's all about.  What I found was completely appalling.

First of all, I don't consider myself a bad tipper by any stretch of the imagination (typically 15-20% every time).  I also realize that there's a lot of A-holes in this world that tend to treat people not nearly as well as they should.  With that being said after reading some of the posts on this site I need to tell you that it's made me both bitter and suspect of your industry.  This site is not only full of complaining & whining, but makes light of many criminal activities that your posters are bragging about.  I read about people boasting of credit card fraud, intentional food poisoning, theft of goods and services, discrimination toward patrons, telephone harassment of customers, and intentionally causing unsanitary dining conditions.  Reading this disgusted me.

I understand that the food service industry doesn't make a big hourly wage therefore depends on their tips as way to make ends meet, but this site only is making someone who is a good tipper very jaded towards your industry.  If the intent of this site is to provide a forum for the industry, you may want to take a more responsible look at what is posted.  From the standpoint of a customer and visitor to your site it almost seems like you're using this place to try to "scare" customers into leaving 20%.  All that a site like this will do is create a bigger rift between servers and customers.

Please remember where the word tip came from....To Insure Promptness.  It's a gratuity given by a customer to a server for good service.  While it's customary to be given, it's not mandated by anyone.

You may think of your site as one that's providing a service for your industry, but speaking from the opinion of someone who uses your industry.......Cooking at my own house now sounds a lot more appetizing.

—Wade, Houston TX

Hey! Seven misspellings for our current moron! It's not a record, but he's keeping up the tradition nicely. (I kept them in. See if you can spot them all!)
 - Your loving Webmaster. 

First off, let me just compliment you on this interesting site full of literature that I have had the pleasure of reading for my entertaiment. It is in typical fashion of americans to complain about why their little undereducated jobs as servers are in such poor wages. If you do not like what you are doing for your lovely ocupation....then retire. You is that fucking simple, *MORONS*

 Find a better job that pays better, or *here is one for you....dun dun dun, ever here of a college education?? This is how most people start their careers, they go to college, then graduate with a BA or a MA, and then pursue a *real* job later on. Otherwise, either, Shut the Fuck Up, or just put up with your bullshit minium wage. **Remember Service with a Smile** Also your purile Customer 101 is the most assinine fucking shit that I have ever seen. You should post up on this site....**Server 101** you fucking **MORONS**

 Think that all patrons are idiots?? You fucking little shits....** your cushy shitty salary!!!!**Without service would not exist.....fucking **MORONS**
Sooooo, LOVE US, OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Or get a fucking life and a real job, if you can handle that, that is.

 Oh, one more thing....Over here in Europe?? We don't tip!!as what the practice is in the u.s. And when we come to the u.s. and dine out?? Do not even expect a tip from *us* because it is not our culture and or our custom when dinning out. I think that YOU need to learn some knowledge when serving European diners in the u.s. instead of you insulting the patrons, because of your assinine gratuity procedures.

—Death, London, U.K.

Only 3 misspellings for this month's moron! It's always a pleasure to receive hate mail from restaurant management.
- Your loving Webmaster

What a bunch of stupid, whinning losers. Do you expect the customer to do everything for you? Maybe if you paid attention to the guests' needs and offered a pleasant attitude you'd be tipped and treated better. Invest in some skills and time to better yourself and see how that helps. Better yet, when you are serving keep in mind how you want to be treated when you spend your hard earned dollars. I love to have some of this group interview with me someday. It would be a pleaure to throw your asses out the door.

I was a server and now a restaurant supervisor and I know that a good attitude can and will increase your tips. What's more, it will increase your chances of getting a promotion. Bet even more important is that you might get a return guest and another opportunity.

Luck is when opportunity and preparation meet. You get ooportunity with every table, prepare yourself and see how much better your luck is.

—Anonymous, New York City