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I work at this restaurant that has a very irish-esque feel to it. Well, right across from the parking lot is this hair salon . I was in there one day with my husband waiting for our hairstylist to finish the customer she was working with. Since we know her we sat in the seats and talked to her while she was finishing this woman's hair.

The woman who was getting her hair cut had this awful bleach blonde hair, and I recognized her from...somewhere....then I realized, she is a regular at my work. Evil woman - doesn't even tip 5%...

So I started making up this story about how I had spit in these peoples food because I recognized them as bad tippers that come in all the time. (which I would never actually do) but, the look on this woman's face was priceless! I started going into everything that servers hate, and how we ALWAYS remember you, even if you think we don't.

At the end of her haircut she asked me where I worked and I told her, then I very sweetly asked " come in there a lot don't you? You look familiar!"


—Dani, TN