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In our effort to be fair, we're publishing this story from one of our readers. Keep in mind, we generally trust the servers, not the friends of celebrities when it comes to opinions. - Webmaster

In our effort to be fair, we're publishing this story from one of our readers. Keep in mind, we generally trust the servers, not the friends of celebrities when it comes to opinions. - Webmaster
I go out to lunch and dinner with LuLu Roman on a regular basis. Every week, she always tips well, I have gone out to eat with her for over 30 years and have never seen her act anything but appropriate and certainly she tips appropriately, Anyone who says anything different must have been a bad waiter. She is very cordial to everyone, always.

—Anonymous, New York City

You can add Terry "Hulk" Hogan to your "Saints" list. I tend bar at a Clearwater hot spot, and Terry and his family were in a few weeks ago. Not only did he leave $200 on a $120 bill (they were at a 4 top, not the bar), he signed autographs for at least a dozen kids and talked to people for a good half hour. VERY classy guy.

—Beachguy, Clearwater, FL

Recently in an ubiquitous Southern breakfast chain outlet in the Atlanta area, I witnessed the following:

Bobby Brown and a cohort came in, sat down, and ordered breakfast specials from the laminated plastic placemat menu, asking for separate checks. Food was served, consumed, coffee was refilled about a million times. Then, the checks.

"Hey!" Bobby Brown says  "I'm Bobby Brown! Don't I get free food?"

Without missing a beat, the waitress reaches into her apron pocket, pulls out her cell phone and hands it to Bobby, and says "You better get on this phone, call Whitney, and tell her to bring her raggedy-ass on down here and bring you $2.85, plus an extra dollar for a tip, honey. This ain't no Celebrity Soup-Kitchen."

Bobby Brown cracked up laughing and handed the waitress $20.

—Hipster, Atlanta, GA

Charles Oakley is a DICK!!! A couple of years ago, I was doing inventory on my bar (off the clock of course) and a couple of my bar regulars saw me in the restaurant in street clothes and asked me to come over for  a drink. I reluctantly agreed and when I got there I found out they were friends of Charles Oakley who was there (on his cell phone) and having drinks with them. When they introduced me to him he barely acknowledged my presence and kept on talking on his big deal. His friends offered me a drink which I guess was on Oakley's tab. He quickly perked up from his phone conversation to tell his friends he "didn't know me" and that that drink would not be on him. This guy could have gotten a lot of drinks on me anytime he was in my town but was too much of a dick to buy me one! ASSHOLE!!!

—Paul, Charlotte, NC

I worked at a very well-known seafood chain in the DFW area for about 2 years. (We have a few other locations in other states). A few of the band members from Bowling For Soup came in for dinner one night. They were sat in booth on the wall which was somewhat secluded but not on purpose. No one else but me knew who they were. It took me a while to recognize them but once I did, I was telling all the servers who it was, and not to go and bug them, but we don't get a lot of celebs or people like that in, so it was kind of a treat for us.

A friend of mine waited on them, and I was confident in her because although she was a new server (never waited tables until out restaurant) I had trained her and knew it would be fine. Unfortunately, the kitchen screwed up and made the wrong dish for lead singer. (Two of the dishes on the menu are almost exactly the same and when you order it, they print almost exactly the same on the ticket.) I realized this because of course, I wanted to help run the food, and then I felt like an idiot because it was the WRONG food.
The good news was that not only was he very gracious and cool about the mess up, but when I brought it out the correct way, he thanked me and asked my name. I told him, not thinking much of it. When it came time for bill, they tipped my friend 50% and left a note on the back of the bill for me as well as a crispy $20 bill, saying thanks for fixing the mistake so quickly and they'd be back in.

We have yet to see them again, but the "Let's Hear It For Johnny!" guys are really wonderful to wait on (so are their girlfriends\wives).
And oh yeah of course, great tippers!

—Bowling for Soup Fan, TX