smallapron Pompous Ass

The one thing I always hated the most out of a customer was finger snapping (don't we all). I was a coctail waitress in a Mariott Lounge and I had one of those guys who wanted to show off in front of his family. The guy was evidently in town for a visit and was taking his wife's family out for a drink. You could tell he felt himself vastly superior to, and more successful than, his guests and wanted them to know it. His hosting of the event did not spring from a desire to be kind but more of a desire to lord over his lessers. You could tell he really thought he was impressing what he thought were a bunch of hicks. He also thought that ordering me around like a slave made him look worldly, like he was used to being served and knew how to handle the help. Nobody in his party was buying it though and I could tell they all thought he was a pompous ass. The guy was from Ohio and this was in West Virginia. Southerners do not like loud northerners who show off. But they are polite to them.

There were eight or ten people in his party and he was also sending drinks to some others in the bar who knew people in his party. He was quite the big spender. Because he was such an asshole and because there were so many different people drinking different drinks I started padding his tab. I put the drinks of all my cash paying customers on his tab and collected their cash for myself.

The guy summoned me - snapping his fingers of course - for his bill. I stood beside him and didn't leave for a minute. When he saw the bill his all of the blood drained out of his face then flushed back from the neck up. He wasn't about to dispute the bill in front of his family because he would rather have died than appear to not be able to afford to lavish freely upon his lessers. The guy paid his tab, and as anticipated, left a less than a 10% tip (I think he suspected but wasn't quite sure how I had gotten him). It was okay though. I got him for about fifty or sixty bucks.

—Anonymous, West Virginia