smallapronWhy Tipping Is So Important

If you are one of those despicable types who doesn’t believe in tipping and who frequents the same restaurants repeatedly, I GUARANTEE the servers are doctoring your food or throwing it on the floor and then back onto your plate or worse. If you don’t tip at least 15%, I bet you have ingested your server’s saliva at least once.

The restaurant profession has the same percentage of crazy people that other jobs have. People can be really sick, especially after suffering repeated rudenesses without an option of talking back.

Servers pass the work around in the restaurant to other servers when you come in again. Oh yes, they’ll be ready for you. You’ll just never know it.

Conversely, if you are a regular GOOD tipper, the servers may fight over the chance to wait on you. If I see one of my regulars sitting in a fellow server's station, I make sure to tell the server that he must get the best of service. These people are also the ones who get special favors, occasional food samples, and other freebies--whatever we can lavish upon them. A customer who tips well is almost always a pleasure to wait on in many respects.

Casino Tipping

I have been working in a casino for over 5 yeas and my experiences will be memorable because it was either a good but mostly bad ones.

I have been a cocktail waitress for the first few years of my casino life and was promoted to be a dealer. Growing up as the eldest in the family, I learned how to make sure everybody is attended to. Whether players are sitting on the slot machines or on the high-roller tables.

I once had an old woman, who is playing slot machines for hours, ordered a drink, asked me how my day was and tipped me for each and every time she asked me to fill her glass again. She was very nice and handed me a couple dollars more when she won and then she went home. This is the type of player that you wouldn't mind serving all day.

As I have mentioned earlier, most of the experiences I had were bad ones. This may be because of our customers or even the employers. Casino goers usually tip everybody, from the doormen, porters, waitresses, bartenders and dealers. And if you don't get a tip, it may be a hint that your service is bad or they are fleas, only after the free drinks and who should just stay at home.

Tips per drink ordered ranges from $1-$5 depending on where you're playing. Drinks can cost at least $5 if you go somewhere else, so tips are given just to make sure the drinks gets to you hot or cold or just the way you like it.

Casino owners also decides on how the tips will be distributed to its employees. So between the best and the worst employee, there will be no difference on how much they will be rewarded extra.
The best tip about tipping in the US is to tip.