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Ever have the old fart who can't get his coffee hot enough? Boil the coffee in the microwave, then place an empty cup upside down on the electric coffee warmer. Fill with boiling java, return, and watch the fun! SSSSSSSSS!


OK, here's a secret for anyone that has a Micros computer system at work.  Some of them, I'm not sure which ones, don't make you close the checks out before ringing in food. They will also let you print the same item on two different checks.  If you encourage people to drink soda instead of liquor, you can make one soda go for everybody. Separate checks are better, and you'll tip out the bar less.  Enjoy!!!

—Dixie W., Phoenix, OH

So this lovely restaurant from down under huh?

well the thing is with this restaurant that refuses to update TO USE COMPUTERS and insist on paper tickets...

They got more than what they bargained for one year.. WELL THE WAITERS and I figured out what to do to sweeten our deal since OUTCRACK is a horrible place to work...

PAPER TICKETS, no PAPER TRAIL. NO COMPUTER. YOU SIMPLY take tickets fill out drink orders, cocktail the lobby and keep the cash. I'd make a hell of a lot more out there with the alkeehawliks... Hell I'd even charge em for kiddie drinks... $1.62 a pop. Let's just say that that was a wonderful month for moiiii.... $170 a night? hell yeah.. and me and my girl would work patio and switch cups and do malibu cokes until we couldn't drive home. Thanks for the free alcohol Outcrack.. you whorish chain of a restaurant... PS this guy I worked with left out "shady" tickets like I described... being the loyal employee I am, I turned them in. Stealing is wrong. Wrong WRONG WRONG. And they used to bitch at me about eating croutons. haaa

—Slim Shady, NYC